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12 month Subscription Fly of the Month Club

12 month Subscription Fly of the Month Club
Item# 71260701282

Product Description

The Fly of the Month Fly program is designed for gifting seasons where product can be purchased and Wetfly will send the recipient a new selection of flies periodically throughout the year depending on subscription length. Each subscription starts with a 32-fly selection of the most popular flies in North America housed in a Large Waterproof Box with 12 compartments, value $94.99. The next shipment arrives around 30 days later and includes 3-dozen flies (3 months worth). Flies are shipped each quarter (equaling 1doz/month), the selections are designed to cater to the “hatches” at the time they are sent. Quarterly shipments ensure that great patterns are not delivered after that hatch is off the water. Each “monthly dozen” will contain two patterns – 6 of each (ideally capturing patterns for surface and sub-surface activity). The subscription begins

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