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The Bug Box (for tying high quality flies)

The Bug Box (for tying high quality flies)
Item# BB00001

Product Description

(tying materials not included) The Bug Box as reviewed in FLY TACKLE DEALER (Publishers of FLY ROD & REEL) The trade magazine for the makers and sellers of fly fishing equipment Show Issue Sept, 1993 Fly-tying goodies

I've never been crazy about fly-tying cases. They're either too small to carry half of what I need, or so chunky that I feel like I'm hauling around a piece of bedroom furniture. But now there's the Bug Box from Creekside. It's about the size of a small suitcase or large briefcase- fine for lugging around. And at 21x16x6 1/2 inches (and 16 1/2 pounds), it does hold everything I need.

The box is made from "Apple Core Plywood"- the trade name for half-inch, nine-ply, maple-veneer stock- which is about as close to beautiful as plywood gets. There are no gaps, no filler; the stuff looks like it came from a plywood tree. The dado joints are glued and clamped for strength and durability, and the simple teak-oil finish gives a pleasing, natural blonde tone. Molded brass covers protect the corners of the lid and base provide structural integrity to the chest itself; lying flat or standing, the chest rests on little rubber feet.

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