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Creative Angler Deluxe Tying Starter Kit

Creative Angler Deluxe Tying Kit
Creative Angler Deluxe Tying Kit
Item# CA00001

Product Description

Everything you need to start tying flies, this fishing kit is a top seller! Fly tying kit includes: (Vice, scissors, hackle pliers, etc)

High quality materials included (Hackle, dubbing, chenille, etc)

Durable, convenient carry case. Book and DVD.

Kit Includes Sizes 8, 12, 14 hooks Grey Dubbing Olive Dubbing Medium Chenille Marabou Grizzly Hackle Brown Hackle Black Thread Fine Copper Wire Peacock Hurl Pheasant Tail Elk Hair White Poly Yarn Vise Scissors Hackle Pliers Bobbin Bobbin Threader Hair Stacker Book and DVD

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