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Infinit1 Premium fly reel

Infinit1 Premium fly reel
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Product Description

Infinit1 Premium fly reel
[Infinity] to something without any limit, and is a concept relevant in a number of fields, predominantly mathematics and physics. Having a recognizable history in these disciplines reaching back into the time of ancient Greek civilization, the term in the English language derives from Latin infinitas, which is translated as "unboundedness".[1]

INFINIT1 Large Arbor reel is the flagship of fly reels. This is the ultimate large arbor design. This reel is machine cut from the finest grade 6061 aluminum billet stock and features precision needle bearings on a chrome alloy spindle for remarkably smooth handling. Your line will love this reel by having less line memory and faster retrievals. The Cork-on-Delrin disc drag provides infinite control to protect fine tippets and yet provide fish turning power when you need it most. Made from 6061 aluminum billet stock Precision Needle Bearings Chrome Alloy Spindle Large- Arbor design Cork-on-Delrin disc drag system

INFINIT1 Warranty NO HASSLE WARRANTY All WETFLY reels are carefully inspected to assure product consistency and quality and are guaranteed against manufacturer's defects in materials and craftsmanship for the life of the product by its original owner. Damaged or defective reels must be returned in their entirety to WETFLY LLC, Repair Department, 12754 N Hauser Lake Rd, Hauser, ID 83854. Please include a detailed explanation as to the cause or situation that lead to the problem. This explanation helps us help our customers and allows us to improve upon the quality of our products. It is important to note that filling out and returning the Warranty Card will establish yourself as the original owner of the reel and ensure warranty protection. This warranty is limited to the repair or replacement of the reel and does not cover any type of damage resulting from neglect, normal wear and tear, or the misuse of our product. For all return shipments, the original owner will be responsible to cover return, insurance and processing fees. Reels that are not covered under warranty can still be cleaned or repaired for a reasonable fee plus the fees outlined in the prior sentence. WETFLY reserves the right whether to repair or replace any reel or spool covered by this warranty and the right to replace any discontinued models or parts with current models or parts when necessary. INFINI1 REEL SPECS:

3/4 OUTSIDE DIA.83mm or 3.27in INSIDE DIA.62mm or SPOOL WIDTH 2.44in 27mm or 1.06in WEIGHT 135g or 4.76oz

5/6 OUTSIDE DIA. 90mm or 3.54in INSIDE DIA.62mm or 2.44in SPOOL WIDTH 27mm or 1.06in WEIGHT 140g or 4.94oz

7/8 OUTSIDE DIA. 97mm or 3.82in INSIDE DIA. 67mm or 2.64in SPOOL WIDTH 27mm or 1.06in WEIGHT 147g or 5.19oz


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